World’s fastest Triumph Bobber hits the drag strip

IF you’ve ever driven the Triumph Bobber you won’t see it, but slow. With close gears, acres of torque at any rpm, and a long, low profile, it really gets you off the line faster than most 100hp bikes.

But as is the case when riding any bike, a few extra ponies are always welcome, and custom bike builder Thornton Hundred has taken that to the extreme.

The team at TH have been customizing bikes for a few years now and have made a name for themselves in the modern British twin scene. Their bikes have unmistakable DNA, with wide wheel conversions being the order of the day, while plugging in a supercharger is just the thing to do.

Thornton Hundred boss Jody Millhouse’s latest bike started as a project, something to keep him out of trouble during the first forced lockdown. What started as a build to create a bike for shows and general everyday use quickly became a passion project to create the fastest and most extreme Triumph Bobber on the planet.

In its quest for power and speed, Millhouse gutted the engine completely, improving many of the bike’s internal components. A Rotrex Supercharger boosts power to over 160hp – a nitrous system pushes it to over 200hp at the rear wheel.

Obviously, upgrading the engine in such an extreme way will require significant chassis changes to accommodate, and Millhouse didn’t skimp in that department either. The bike is currently undergoing serious suspension and braking system changes.

Triumph Bud Ekins T100 – Triumph Bud Ekins T120 – Triumph Bobber TFC

Jody Millhouse will be racing the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​climb with Triumph this weekend, and as we’ll also be going up the hill with him, you can be sure we’ll be hassling him to try this bestial bobsledder!

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